This is the story of a treasure that,
jewel after jewel,
became the most precious in the world
A treasure that the Deputation of Naples,
through the ages,
has preserved until today
Welcome to the Museum of St’. Januarius’ treasure ,
in the wonderful in Neapolitan old town
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until 16:30. Last visit time at 16:00

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Have you ever seen many diamonds, rubies and emeralds?

Do you believe that a jewels was so precious to save the life of a king?

Do you know that pairs of earrings are the symbol against the plague? Would you feel protected by 54 Saints?

You have to go in the Museum of the Treasure of St. Januarius that is more precious than Queen Elizabeth’s treasure. The treasure of St. Januarius has been saved by the Deputation for many centuries.

The Chapel of Neapolitan people

It is in the cathedral but it does not belong to the Church. The Royal chapel is independent. There are many paintings, silver busts, the relics of the Saint patron of the town and it is a baroque masterpiece. Besides, it has a wonderful acoustics and it was the second conservatory in Naples. Unmissable.

St. Januarius and his miracle

St. Januarius is a special saint because , for Neapolitan people, he represents the hope, the devotion, the intimacy, the power and popular pride. Every year, the three dates of his miracle are inexplicable and also his history is mysterious and fascinating.


San Valentino vale doppio

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Orari Pasquali 2019

  Durante le festività natalizie il museo sarà aperto tutti i giorni! Nei giorni feriali dalle 9.00 alle 17.30  Aperto nei giorni festivi secondo gli orari qui riportati: Pasqua 21 Aprile dalle 9.00 alle 13.00 Lunedì dell'angelo 22 Aprile dalle 9 alle 17.30...

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Visiting Naples means visiting San Gennaro

Discover a city means discover its history and know its illustriousness.

The legacy left by the Patron Saint of Naples is incredible. History and legend, devotion and art come together in a truly unique form of alchemy. The Museum of the Treasure of St. Januarius allows to enter in Neapolitan culture recalling the milestones of a Country, from monarchy and foreign domination to unification of Italy.

Everyone offered something to St. Januarius and this tradition is still today thanks to your visits and your enthusiasm during our guided tours.

To all of you, Italian and citizens of the world, THANK YOU for choosing us.

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The muesum is OPEN until 16:30. Last visit time at 16:00

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