Treasure’s Alfieri  is an Association which belongs to the Museum of Treasure of San Gennaro’s Foundation, created to receive all the supporters, scholars, devotees ans experts of the Saint in Italy and in the world. The Association works to promote, support and spread the cultural, social and artistic projects of the Museum of Treasure of San Gennaro’s Foundation, the only institution authorized by the Royal Deputation of the Chapel of San Gennaro – guardian, from 1527, of the image, the Treasure and the Chapel of the Saint. It can become part of the Treasure’s Alfieri anyone interested, read and accept Alfieri’s Ethical Code, regardless of age, sex, religion, nationality and culture. The Association is nonpartisan and apolitical; for this reason, it does not recognize any kind of sign. Those who ask to belong to Treasure’s Alfieri  shall enter as the rank of Guardian and undertake to:
    1. Respect, support and defend the Treasure of San Gennaro and, then, the city of Naples, of which San Gennaro is the symbol.
    2. Know, protect and spread in a right and fair way , the values, the history and the meanings linked to San Gennaro and to his city, expressed and represented by the Museum of the Treasure’s Foundation.
    3. To be a witness, with his behavior and words, of the Ethical Code of Treasure’s Alfieri.
    The transition to next stages, Scudiero and Alfiere, is regulated by the Ethical Code.  Registration and membership to Treasure’s Alfieri allow to receive:
    - A personal card and the Ethical Code; Continuous and punctual information about the initiatives, exhibitions, events and projects of the Museum of Treasure of San Gennaro and of Alfieri, by weekly News Letters and regular meetings; Invitation to the annual meeting of the Treasure’s Alfieri; Discounts and facilitations, showing the card, for special exhibitions and the entrances to the Museum
    To receive more information, the Statute and examine the Ethical Code and / or to request the registration form to the Treasure’s Alfieri as the rank of Guardian, you can send an e-mail to:Treasure’s Alfieri <>

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